New Zealand Nuclear Test Veteran’s Association


The Communication below has just been received by NZNTVA.

Every New Zealand citizen, when directed by a New Zealand Court, is required to follow the court’s instructions. What gives Veterans Affairs New Zealand, (VANZ), the right to blatently dis-regard the findings of the court?  Further, VANZ ignoring legal instructions must greatly affect the faith that veterans have, that when required, VANZ will ultimately provide them with a just outcome.

Roy Sefton QSM
NZ Nuclear Test Veterans Association


Turanga-nui-a-Kiwa (Gisborne)
Tena Koutou katoa – Dear fellow veterans and families.

Next Sunday 10 July a group of 8 veterans and supporters from this association depart for Wellington to challenge VANZ for the mismanagement of our previous war pensions claims lodged under the old Act and declined under the new VSA.
This is a follow on from the last court appearance in 2014 TEUA vs SWP. On this occasion the court directed VANZ to realign their decision making to include benevolence and inclusive review procedures. They failed to do so hence we are taking them to court AGAIN.

A win for the association will be a win for all veterans. VANZ will have to reopen their files and factor in criteria currently being with-held. This communication is to keep you all informed as well as to thank all those thus far who sent us messages of support.

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