Wilbur Luscombe


Gordon William (Wilbur) Luscombe crossed the bar 18 August 2013

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2 Responses to Wilbur Luscombe

  1. albert cross says:

    Speaking for the 12th Boy Tels we first met Wilbur when drafted to Bellona in January 1949 and were fortunate enough to have his experience and guidance on other ships and establishments.
    Wilbur had his “Ham Radio ” set-up in a Nissen hut adjacent to the ” Wets” at Irirangi and would work various countries when FX 11 could not even raise Admiralty .( he said it had something to do with what sort of antennas you used but nobody listened to him). He knew how to call a spade a spade and this I recall quite well :-
    ” Wilbur, have you got an 8 inch crescent ?.
    Can I borrow it ?
    I will bring it back .
    That’s what the last bloke said.
    But there is one up there on your peg board
    I know and can you guess how it got to be there ?.
    I went into Taihape and bought it as a replacement for the one that useless no hoper borrowed and did’nt return.

  2. Tony Magon says:

    Thats Wilbur as I remember him

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