Here is an image of the HMNZS IRIRANGI/HMNMZS WAKEFIELD Rugby team who played HMNZS WAIKATO in the normal intership tournament.  The image was taken in 1986 and IRIRANGI lost to TAMAKI 48 – 0 and to WAIKATO 26-9.


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2 Responses to IRIRANGI Rugby

  1. albert cross says:

    I am interested to know where the venue was for this “thrashing” . We played Tamaki in the final of the Inter-ship cup in 1951 and as we could not spare 15+ watchkeepers heading up to Auckland Tamaki said that they would venture South but on one condition :- “We will play you in Taihape which is 1100 feet closer to sea-level..” Someone up there was privy to the “flame thrower throats” experienced during the first 10 minutes of play on the Army grounds.
    PS we lost.

  2. Darren says:

    It was at the small rugby field near Navcommsta

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