A Communicator Leaves his Ship

Here is an image of Karl Moen who was the Commanding Officer of HMNZS OTAGO. Karl was the last of the Long ‘C’ officers.  Not sure what order he was giving here?  Maybe you may recall..


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8 Responses to A Communicator Leaves his Ship

  1. Jim Dell says:

    Phuque sake! Steady as she goes ya varmints!

    • Karl Moen says:

      It was probably “Help”

      • Jim Dell says:

        Definitely not. As a result of being yelled at by GI’s and Officers alike, I have become deaf and adept at lip-reading. I can assure you that the formation of your mouth suggests belligerent utterings…

      • John Bullock says:

        Occupational health and safety could use that picture in their educational posters “how not to do things … no life jacket!

  2. Dennis O'Rourke says:

    Probably “Left Hand Down a Bit!”

  3. Karl Moen says:

    I think it was “Help”

  4. Casper says:


  5. Jim Blackburn. says:

    Hi Jim…My old eyes are fading a bit…did you put “Belligerent” or “Religious” ???

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