Can anyone rembember the pre-cursor to (Subject Inidcator Groups) SIGs and Subject Inidcator Codes (SICs)  well it was Distribution Indicator Groups (DIGs) and the then Commodore Auckland, Commodore Lawrence ‘Laurie’ George Carr made up his own one LGC.  He was a Long ‘C’ Communicator and later became the Chief of Naval Staff 1971 – 1974.  Here is an image of him when he was Commanding Officer HMNZS IRIRANGI. The image is taken at the ‘Old Camp’ which was located approx 15km south of Waiouru.

A colour picture of HMNZS IRIRANGI below was taken approx 1971 when IRIRANGI moved from its southern location to a location within the Army Training Centre, Waiouru.




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5 Responses to DIG – LGC

  1. Jim D says:

    The Junior Rates accommodation was officially opened in 1971 but HMNZS Irirangi didn’t commission at the new site until 1973.

    • Butts says:

      I remember eating in the army mess. It consisted of mashed spuds, cauliflower and some sort of meat and gravy, followed by steamed pudding. The steamed pudding was the best course. Thank goodness we had fresh rations at receivers.

      • gunther says:

        also having to march with your fighting irons in your left hand, your right ready to salute an officer should they happen by..and none of this ambling around the place, it was quick march their and back, food wasn’t that sharp either..

  2. albert cross says:

    You may like to know a little bit of history behind this photograph of Laurie. Sometime in 1952 a strange weather pattern settled over NZ and in particular the volcanic plateau. In present day terms we know it from aviators as the “jet stream” .Hurricaine force winds raged for about 3 days from the North-West and the cloud cover (sub-stratospheric) which was greyish resembled “mare’s tails. The MSO sent over a Naval Message which I sent via T/P line to Navy Office and it read as follows:-
    Originator: Irirangi – Action:- NOCA. unclass.
    “Regret to report ship dismasted during violent storm . Request Rigging Shop be advised and a suitable replacement be made available as soon as possible as we are presently sailing on jury rig. ”
    The jury rig was the pole opposite the QM’s lobby which was used as a haul-up pole to dry fire hoses.
    You will notice that the base of the original mast was retained and the new mast stepped into it.
    Where the “pick” came from eludes me. Maybe the rigging shop had a “garage sail” and thought ah hah .

  3. Jim Blackburn. says:

    My old memory seems to remember AIG’s ..Address Indicator Groups in the 50/60’s time

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