Memories of a Good Run

Here is an image which a number of you will remember from your days in Singapore or maybe you can’t remember.


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8 Responses to Memories of a Good Run

  1. Rod says:

    Are you able provide a night shot Frank – I think I would be more familiar with that. Interesting happenings down that side alley if I remember correctly!!

  2. Nunky Johnson says:

    Yes indeed – a night shot would be more helpful

  3. gunther says:

    the bar on the extreme right was where (tom) ohlsen and (englebert) moa fought weekly for the microphone to sing “10 guitars” or ” the last waltz”, bugger the girls and the dancing and booze, the microphone was king, and don’t let anything stop me from getting to it..ahh what memories what memories…

    • Dave Wistrand says:

      Golden Hind Bar from memory went passed it enough times going to one further down whose name I cannot remember

  4. Kips says:

    ship inn, nelson bar, kangaroo bar and melbourne bar in addition to the Golden Hind that Dave has mentioned

  5. Paddy Long (Dodger) says:

    Doesn’t look familiar in the daylight – no sign of anyone cooking up a Banjo hehe !!!

  6. John Bullock says:

    Lee’s Electrical store was where that first vehicle on the right is parked. Lee’s must have made a mint off us sailors. What a pity, “Bobbies Stall” next to a large drain to the right off of the picture is missing. Many a steak, eggs peas and chips were had there (blotting paper).

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