Two Shiners at IRIRANGI

Here is an image of General Dutyman G.D. (Lofty) Wright (right) and his son Able Signalman K.R. (Goober) Wright (left).  Lofty and Goober both served at HMNZS IRIRANGI at the sametime.  Lofty originally joined the RNZN in 1943 where he served in HMNZS Wakatere in boom defence.  Between 1944 and 1947 he served with RNZEF in the Regular Army.  Rejoining the Army in 1951 and serving until 1976 when he rejoined the RNZN.  Lofty was the Warrant Officer in charge of the Provost Section prior to leaving the Army.    Anyone know where Goober is today??


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4 Responses to Two Shiners at IRIRANGI

  1. Colin Prouse says:

    I saw Goober at The beach Hop this year at Whangamata. He lives in the Pukekohe area.

  2. Joyce Koia says:

    Yes it would be cool to catch up with Goober.
    The last time I saw him was when I went to the drag races with him. On that day he guzzled more than his car. The lucky last to leave Meremere, his mates had to help me drag this almost lifeless Bod into his car and I drove home yay!. Hey he came alive alright. He should be in the guiness book for the most F words in and 1.30 hours.
    Cheers for the pix!
    Loofty was our bus driver when we were down at Irirangi.

  3. DENISE RAHUI says:

    i am goobers sister. i was just speaking to him a couple of hours ago….our bi- annual catchup. and now i have just seen this. still in classic cars and harleys. his ph no. is 092385606

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