On Monday afternoon, between 1500 and 1630 one of our members  (Member A) received a request from another member (Member B) to become a Friend on Facebook…So Member A replied YES and he and Member B had a long exchange of messages where Member A was told that he could receive $100,000.00 from a Trust in the United States named as the “ECONOMY HELP FUND'” and that it would be delivered to Member A by UPS after he had sent them off US$950 by Western Union.

The two members chatted for a while and then member B was advised that he had seen Member A’s name on list for those entitled to apply, and had Member A done anything about it…Member A advised that he had never heard of this outfit and Member B provided the name of the person to email ” Victor Carrasco Rojas”……..

Within less than a minute later after Member B had gone off chat, this ” Victor Carrasco Rojas” came at Member A on facebook, just as if he had been listening in on all our messages…..(.which triggered alarm bells). He gave Member A full details of where to transfer the money to by Western Union….  James L Williams. San Diego, California ZIP 92123…and that if I sent the money on Tuesday then the US$ 100,000.00 would be delivered to me by UPS Today Wednesday

About an hour later .I saw on facebook that Member B had been Hacked and not
to answer any requests to become friends. which really got Member A going.

This is not the first time someone has put together an elaborate scam and I would suggest that if an offer like this seems to be too good to be true it most probably is.  Please be aware and watch out for friend requests….

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  1. Suzanne Smith says:

    We just got one of these also…they couldn’t answer a secret question, so we knew it was bogus.

  2. Kenny says:

    This just happened to me. By someone called William scotte Chey.

  3. Veronica L ammon says:

    I received messages on fb with my friend name and pic about economy fund…it wasn’t him. It is someone using his name and face. Then an agent text message me. I did not respond to him.

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