Here is an image of Communicators who were posted to Navy Office which used to be located in the Stout Street Offices.  The Communications Centre used to be on the eighth floor and Naval Staff were on the second floor.  Interested if we can name the photograph and determine what year it was taken.

The photo was taken sometime in 1958.


Back Row L-R  Alan Porter USN, Lance (Minnie) Pickett,  ?, Teresa des Barres,  Ivy Clough, ?., Martin Welsh, ?,  Jessie Watson, Mary Mulcare, USN, Poi Puata, Chris Precey, Jack Campbell, Ivan Long

Sitting L-R  John Orchard, POWREN Signals Ella Dickinson (nee Guy), CPOTEL Geoff Drew, ?, ?, CPOTEL Fred (Granny) Thompson, CPOREA ?, Yeoman Kevin Vaughn.

Absent on Watch Ray Newport


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7 Responses to NAVY OFFICE – WHEN AND WHO?

  1. Nunky Johnson says:

    Can we put a year on this Please?

  2. Chris Precey says:

    If I am not mistaken, the year is 1958.
    Back row – L-R
    USN, Alan Porter, Lance Pickett, Teresa des Barres, ?, ?, Martin Welsh, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, USN, Poi Puata, Chris Precey, Jack Campbell, Ivan Long
    Front row – L-R
    Jado Orchard, Ella Guy, and the rest I cannot remember.

    I know that I have a copy of the photo, but I cannot find it at present.

  3. Ray Newport says:

    Navy Office Photo was taken around March April 1958. Not all the Comms are in the Photo as they were off watch at the time. I was there from January 1958 to January 1959.
    Left Navt Office to attend a Killick Course at North Head started in Mid january 1959.
    Ray Newport Ex Ltel .

  4. Jim Blackburn. says:

    Front Row
    John Orchard, Ella Guy, Ch Tel Geoff Drew, ?.?.Ch Tel Fred “Granny Thompson?.Ch REA ?.
    Yeoman Kevin Vaughan.

  5. Sweeney JCK says:

    civvy women. at back is Jessie Watson (back office squirrels div) dark haired partly obscured lady is Ivy Clough and the other i cannot remember, other than she always drank hot water and spent most of her time in the office with the comms officer (Harry Alderton ?? i think)

  6. Ella Dickinson (nee Guy) says:

    The civvy in front of Jess Watson is Mary Mulcare she sat out in the office with us others typing the signals that Jess processed. Cannot remember the hot water or the Officer concerned!!!!!!

  7. Ella Dickinson (nee Guy) says:

    This photo would have been taken before 1958 when I took my discharge and the Korean War was between June 1950 and July 1953 and Jess and Mary dealt with all signals concerning that War. Perhaps that will help more to remember this photo?????

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