Images of Communicators

Here are some images of Communicators in Action from the past.  These are from Chris Maddock’s collection or Grant Morrell.

Capture11 Capture12 Capture13

Lorraine Apiti (nee Pene) on her very special Day


Frank Maika and Mark Vause – any other comms


Is that Jeffrey Hatfield Brown in a dress!!

Capture21 Capture22 Capture23 Capture24

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1 Response to Images of Communicators

  1. Marian Simons says:

    Correct me if I am wrong – and I might be, but I always thought Lorraine, spelt her family name as Pene?? Nice to see a photo of Trudy in action, I think this is the event she was telling me about as I transited Singapore in Nov 84 on my big OE. As for the photo op with HMS’ Aurora & Defiance – we 5 were the only off duty WRNZs at Elizabeth House when the call came through asking for ‘volunteers’ for the photo O.O

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