Singapore Team

This image is of the RNZN personnel posted to Singapore in 1984.  Note a number of communicators amongst this group.


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4 Responses to Singapore Team

  1. mike dinwiddie says:

    In fact it was the 9th ANZUK Signal Regiment and some of the first people there were
    Greg Hartley, My self, Barry Jordan and Darby Allan none of those pictured were there when we first commenced our operation.

  2. Bill Bartlett says:

    Hey Dins! Yer right. Came across you when Waikato called Singapore 1967 or 71. Anyway Jack Campbell was the ANZUK W/O at the time I think. Our Comms banyan boat got stranded on the mud flats!
    Bill B

  3. Bob Brook says:

    I was one of the Commcen supervisors when we first took over from the RNers across the entrance hall. TexToohey was the OIC. Had an all female watch to start off with. Bob Brook

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