Naval Gathering in the Waikato …

WHEN:   Friday 17 June 2016
TIME:     1830
VENUE: Hamilton Workingmen’s Club
45 Commerce Street
Frankton, Hamilton

All former Navy and partners welcome.

The HWMC provides Live Entertainment, Bar Snacks, Buffet and à la carte. Full bar facilities are available. Please click on HERE to view HWMC
Please note that non‑members will need to be signed in – several of us are members and will be at the door to do this for you if required. We don’t have contact details for everyone so if you know of former Navy people in the district please convey this info on to them. There are some we don’t have e-mail addresses for so will post/text this message as well. Please pass any new contact details to us if you have them.

Please RSVP by email/phone/text to:
Jan Luttrell, Ph: 07 8553862 / 027 6988897 by Tuesday 14 June 2016 please.

We’d be delighted if anyone from other areas, in Hamilton that weekend, would like to join us. Please let us know numbers. We look forward to seeing you on Friday 17 June 2016.

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