Recognise Anyone!

Here is an image from which some of you will recognise one of our own.  Brian are you wearing speedo’s?



Rear L-R  Grant Sweetman, Warren Ofsofske, ? , ?

Middle L-R  Gail Edwards, Mike Ramsay, Laurie French, Victor Weeks, Owen Liddicoat, Sabina McGregor

Sitting L-R  ?, Bungy Williams, Brian Henman, Dolly Dolman

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13 Responses to Recognise Anyone!

  1. gunther says:

    my last interservice tournament in Christchurch..1983..yes we all wore budgie smugglers… the female on the left is the daughter of the ex chief sparker who now resides in America..what would I give to look like that now…oh age , age you horrible thing you..

  2. Jim Dell says:

    Looks like Gail Edwards standing on the left. The big guy with one of his balls showing is, of course, Brian Gunther Henman. Just love those baby hats!

  3. Dave Wistrand says:

    Not going there

  4. gunther says:

    bungy Williams to my right , mike ramsey middle left, dolly dolman right front

  5. Jim D says:

    Look how tanned Gunther is! Obviously he never spent much time in a radio station or Commcen!

  6. gunther says:

    the tan is because john Kearney and myself played tennis on the tamaki courts most lunchtimes shirtless and only wearing shorts a tennis shoes..ahhh the joys of last year in the navy

  7. Dave Wistrand says:

    I am never going to clicik on this before breakfast again – ruined my Wheatbix but are we sure it is Bungy Williams next to to Guntha not Chris Holmes?

  8. John Bullock says:

    Who is the Gorilla? A good drinking mate for Putin, he likes to strut his stuff!

  9. Whittles says:

    looks like Laurie French and Arthur Gapes in the middle row, would not worry about the budgie smugglers why do you all have baby’s bonnets tied on your head.

  10. Casper says:

    Is this the start of one of those Dancing Bear male stripper parties I’ve HEARD about???

  11. Bill Bartlett says:

    Lofty guy 2nd right back row – looks like CJN (Carl) Edwards?

  12. Kim Hinaki Ex POS WP1 says:

    To Grants left Warren Ofsofske to Mikes left Laurie French,Victor Weeks,Liddicoat and female on left looks like Sabrina McGregor

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