A Guard for SEATO

Who can even remember what SEATO stood for now and who is that dashing communicator on the left behind the Chief Petty Officer.  The Roman Catholic Church is in the background. Taken in Feb 1968.

SEATO Guard Feb 1968

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21 Responses to A Guard for SEATO

  1. Tony Magon says:

    South East Asia Treaty Organization – Was at Irirangi in 68 – No one ever recognized for that service up top.

  2. murray says:

    Hey, I was in that guard. Remember it well.

  3. Murray says:

    Great. I was in that guard.

    Regards Murray

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  4. gunther says:

    i used to watch them training when I was off watch outside the gym (watchkeeping port wireless) how I wished I could be in it

    • murray says:

      You were into your swimming, as I recall. I was in several guards, Waitangi twice, charter parades, and SEATO.

  5. Tony Magon says:

    I think you were having a dream in your pit

  6. Jim Dell says:

    Feb 68 – some of us were keeping the sea lanes open – not poncing about in Philly…

  7. gunther says:

    oh hissi hissi…someone had to do the watchkeeping at that horrible port wireless

  8. Jim Dell says:

    “orrible Port Wireless! What a load of cobblers – cushiest draft in Pussers!

  9. Jim Dell says:

    The “dashing” communicator is behind a chief. You can see his branch badge above his left hand pocket. Buck up Frank!

  10. albert cross says:

    the dashing communicator behind the Petty Officer looks remarkably like Commander Frank Rands.to me !.

  11. albert cross says:

    the dashing communicator behind the Petty Officer looks remarkably like a very young Commander Frank Rands !.

  12. gunther says:

    maybe u read it wrong james, your right it was the best posting for a sparker, just didn’t want to make it so obvious…

  13. John Bullock says:

    Frank Rands is behind the PO. There was a posting to the SEATO Headquarters in Bangkok. If my memory serves me correctly CPORS “Bugs” Hewson got a position there. Bugs now lives in Kaiapoi

  14. Jim Dell says:

    The senior rate on the left is a CPO and Frank is behind the guy on the left. Looks like Pete Mitchell behind the PO. Bugs Hewson was on the SEATO staff in 1965 and the sparkers got an invite to the HICOMs place for a BBQ.

  15. John Bullock says:

    Is the PO front right MK1 Ross Sanson?

  16. Ross Sanson says:

    Not me I’m afraid , but he’ a likely looking lad

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