The Navy museum is looking for your assistance. The Navy Museum is putting on an exhibition that will look at the past 75 years in 75 objects. The kinds of objects we are seeking need not necessarily have high monetary value or even be linked to significant events. They are looking to show a social history, the everyday life of a sailor at sea and ashore. We are looking for objects that tell a story, objects that epitomise a deployment, objects that elicit emotion, objects that ‘take you back.’

The objects might be as small as a scran card which was also issued for tobacco , A Liberty Card, A Name Stamp, A Pussers Dirk, A DC Stamp (Declared Clothing) or even an ‘Out of Bounds’ card issued in Hong Kong.  The period of time is the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Items can be taken on loan and will be returned on completion of the exhibition.  It is the social history of the Navy which musuem civilians have the hardest time pinning down as they have never experienced what you and I did.   If you can help out please contact or or leave a comment to this post.

I am advised that they have plenty of plastic sandals and ships beer bottles……



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