Veterans Newsletter # 3

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  1. Dennis says:

    Hi Frank, not a biggie but I doubt too many folks knew about the two minesweepers that NZ Navy manned during the Indonesian conflict – HMNZS Santon and Hickleton, I was on the HMNZS Santon when the confrontation ended in 1966 and we were the first minesweeper of the 11th minesweeper squadron along with the HMS Invermorriston to leave the Malaysian theatre to take them back to England (Portsmouth).
    We broke down in Aden and had to remain there for about two weeks where we joined with British troops in patrolling the wharf area as it was often attacked by all sorts of people of all ages. I remember there was a ban on citizens raising there arms above their heads, even children, as they used to throw grenades to cause havoc around the place. We met the HMNZS Blackpool in the Mediterranean on her way to NZ and caught up with the HMNZS Waikato in Portsmouth just before she was due to head to NZ after her sea trials.

    Dennis (Ditz) Powell

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