Which pennant number (excluding the letter), currently in use in the RNZN, has been used the most?


L421 – HMNZS Canterbury (Logistic/multi-role support vessel) – F421 (Canterbury – Leander class frigate) – F421 (Taupo – Loch class frigate) – K421 (HMS Loch Shin – Loch class frigate, prior to becoming HMNZS Taupo)
F111- HMNZS Te Mana (Anzac Class frigate) – F111 (HMNZS Otago – Otago class frigate)
F77 – HMNZS Te Kaha (Anzac Class frigate) – F77 (HMNZS Blackpool – Type 12 frigate) – F77 (HMS Blackpool – Type 12 frigate)
P148 – HMNZS Otago (Offshore patrol vessel) – F148 (HMNZS Taranaki – Otago class frigate)
P55 – HMNZS Wellington (Offshore patrol vessel) – F55 (HMNZS Waikato – Leander class frigate)
The four Inshore patrol vessels retained the same pennant numbers as the previous Lake class patrol boats:
HMNZS Pukaki P3568
HMNZS Rotoiti P3569
HMNZS Taupo P3570
HMNZS Hawea P3571
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  1. Guessing that 3 pennant numbers 421 included
    Canterbury I ZMCR/F421
    Taupo/ZMXC F421 and
    Canterbury II/ZMCR L421

    Yours aye


    • Jim Dell says:

      HMS Loch Shin (K421) started off with this pennant number which was then carried on when she became HMNZS Taupo.

  2. Rob Scripps says:

    Pt 1 – Both Canterburys, Both Otagos, Endeavour all have it in their visual call sign.

  3. Sandy says:

    And the correct answer sought is ?

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