Old Salts Newsletter #2

Here is a bit of light reading.  The newsletter has been produced by the ‘Old Salts’ and includes information on Operation Neptune (RNZN’s 75th Celebrations).  Click HERE to read.



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3 Responses to Old Salts Newsletter #2

  1. Dave Wistrand says:

    Well buggar me (as they say) as a veteran I didn’t know I had a Marae – Was I asked? Must have missed it – I am registered at my hapu marae (Pikitu at Te Waotu) I never regarded the RNZN as family (probably didn’t like some of the parents) but it is nice to know they love me

  2. Jim D says:

    Former Lt Cdr Bernie Commons, RNZN, Rtd, used to be the skipper of the William C Daldy. Don’t know if he still is. Bernie was XO on Endeavour II and was invalided home from McMurdo Sound after an accident during berthing. When I last saw him on a fishing trip on the Daldy, he had a limp and still had that bushy beard.

  3. Chook says:

    Keith Ingram has some involvement with the William C Daldy so he will know the ins and outs of who and where….

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