A Dog on Parade

This is an interesting image taken sometime in the 1950’s.  The location is obviously Gambia Square outside PHILOMEL Quarterdeck.  Can anyone remember being on parade on this occasion,

Navy Mascot_Dog Reviewed

What was the dogs name?  Nelson 

What did the Inspecting Officer say to the Dog?

Who was the 4 ring captain?  Possibly Capt M L Hardie, DSC, RN who was CO PHILOMEL 10 Jul 1952 – 08 Nov 1954  

Who was the inspecting officer?  Governor General Lieutenant General The Lord Norrie GCMG, GCVO, CB, DSO, MC 2 Dec 1952 – 25 July 1957

When was the parade held?

Can you identify any other person in the image?

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6 Responses to A Dog on Parade

  1. Jim D says:

    The inspecting officer said to the dog “who’s a good doggie then”

  2. Casper says:

    Or even “don’t p**s on my parade!” By the number of OD Stokers there I think that the dog would be worried that it could turn into a BBQ
    And of course (groan) the parade was held in the first dog watch…………

  3. albert cross says:

    (1) My guess is Nelson (It could not have been Winston .He is reputed to have choked on a golf ball on the 7th green at Irirangi.
    (2) If you as much as think about cocking your leg I will chop the bathtub off.
    (3) Could be M.L.Hardie who was NOCA about that time.
    (4) Governor-General Sir Willoughby Norrie. GCMG GCVO CB DSO MC
    (5) Outside the Admin. Block, Philomel.
    (6) No. 99% of them would never have heard of Irirangi.
    I never met up with Andy Edward at all during our service even though we were both W/T’s.

  4. Tony Marsden says:

    I wonder if the dog was Winstone? He was around in Philomel for quite a while.in the 50’s. Can remember some Tiffies attaching his lead to the bell striker outside the Chapel/Gym. Every time he moved the bell would ring & Winstone would bark….. & ring & bark …etc.

  5. Michele Wrenn (nee Edwards) says:

    The dog handler is not Andy Edwards – not sure how that got in there, tho Andy did have a short spell with a view to dog-handling in the Police Force after leaving the Navy. Andy was at Irirangi for a while before leaving the Navy ca 1958.
    This photo was one of my Mother’s pictures when she was a wrenn at Philomel. I do recall stories of ML Hardie, but can’t recall if it was associated with this picture. I think this dog bit an officer at some point as well. The ring and bark also rings a bell.

  6. Doc Watts says:

    Winston bulldogs name and his brother was messing at IRIRANGI at same time whose
    Name escapes me. But his shipmate was a black Lab whose name was Pancho. Both were on the ships books.
    Can confirm Capt Hardie

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