This will jog the Memory

Remember your visit to this famous street.  Or maybe you can’t.!!


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17 Responses to This will jog the Memory

  1. Jim Blackburn. says:

    The mind is boggling a bit….but do I spy second from the right ..”Gorgeous Georgina,”(actualyGeorge) …and third, her vivacious Melange a trois “Andree”..(actually Andrew)
    don’t know any of the others……(I was just a thing and hadn’t left my Mother)
    Anyway, I am only trying to remember them from the photos that the Stokers showed me..

  2. Jim D says:

    …or maybe you don’t want to…

  3. Nunky Johnson says:

    Was this an organised visit to a local Museum by this group?

  4. Dave Wistrand says:

    What would really be “enlightening” is to reassemble the lot and take a photo of that – hardly bears thinking about

  5. gunther says:

    from my memories of the street, these must be ones they let off the chains, cause the ones I remember seeing were drop dead gorgeous

  6. Jim Blackburn. says:

    Gunther..Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…these are the original Mk 1 version. Like most
    things, the the Mk2, Mk3 and Mk4* incorporate the improvements dictated by usage. .

  7. gunther says:

    I have to say that in my south island upbringing there were never anything like these..and when I first say them , jeez gorgeous,, drop dead so.. but I was informed very early on in the piece just what was what, and after that, fascinated …

  8. Jim D says:

    Can’t imagine Gunther as a benny boy…

  9. Casper says:

    What, Gunther? You mean you never went to Waimate on a Friday night?

  10. Jim D says:

    Good clean, living lad, was our Gunth. He thought coming out of the closet meant bringing his suit out to air

  11. albert cross says:

    the name Bugis Street does not ring a bell with this oldie probably because vast areas of S’pore were “out of bounds” to all Military Personnel and a view from a rickshaw showed a large capital R surrounded by a circle painted on the side of the tallest buildings. . Red Caps policed these areas. Eric (Dits) Dutton tried to converse with the rickshaweer but “no arrt arv barnds” from the lad from Darby only bought a silly grin.

  12. Jim Blackburn. says:

    Well Lads.. having seen all your claims of “innocence”and “I was never there” I think that a look
    at the Latest Generation …the Mark VI * Mod 8 Version…the Missile era…Bugis Girls is due.
    Open this -page

  13. Jim D says:

    Did you have to surf for this on the internet Jim B, or was it already bookmarked on your browser!!

  14. Jim Blackburn. says:

    NO NO Jim…This was sent to me by an Old ex Bunting Tosser in UK who thinks he should
    keep me up to date with what is going on in the “wider world”, so that in my naievity and innocence of youth, I don’t get deceived by any of these ÿoung lovelies if I am in those unfamiliar places in the Orient……..and Yes Yes…I have kept it in my “keep folder” so I can go back to it now and then and have a giggle…. laughter is good for the soul

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