Crew of P3552 – HMNZS Paea

Here is an image of the crew of HMNZS Paea. Andy Edwards was the telegraphist and is the far right back row. Not sure when this was taken or who the others are in the image. Maybe we can identify this crew?  Image compliments of Andy Edward daughter.


Standing L – R ?,?, ?, ?  Tel Andy Edwards
Sitting L – R  ?, SLT Geoffrey Maxwell (Algie) Walton, ?, ?,

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7 Responses to Crew of P3552 – HMNZS Paea

  1. gunther says:

    the officer is algie Walton, and that is a cruiser in the background

  2. Jim D says:

    The skipper is Algie Walton.

  3. HDML Paea says:

    What an awesome photo – thanks so very much for sharing this – I have printed and it will go onto the boat…

  4. Mole says:

    It has to be in the very early 50’s as, Algie is a Commissioned Warrant Officer [abolished circa 1953, although his rank slides show todays Ensigns Rank which was introduced in 1970.

  5. Thane Zander says:

    Kia ora, I have posted your two Paea photos of Ships Co.. We have over ‘3500 ex matelots at the EX-RNZN club and many from the time of these photos. The formal sitting one has a new name attached. 2nd from right front has a name of Buck Rogers, and S/Lt Algie Walton is confirmed. I will keep you in the loop. Zaps Zander

  6. Thane Zander says:

    Another name for your records – is it msx Ryder back row 2nd right?

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