A Photo from Early 1950’s

This photo was taken sometime in the early 1950’s.  If anyone can identify the Communicators in the photo please leave a comment to this post.


Leading Hand Telegraphist Course January 1956

Standing L-R  George Ralton, Anderson Edward, Pat Green
Sitting L-R   SLT Artie Hay, LT E.H. (Iggy) Biggs, POTel Geoff Drew


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4 Responses to A Photo from Early 1950’s

  1. Gary Kingdon says:

    Rear rank on right looks like Pat Green.
    Thought the LT may be Icky Biggs, but not sure.

  2. albert cross says:

    centre front. Lt E.H.Biggs

  3. Jim Blackburn says:

    Staning…. George Rolton, Andy Edwards. ???
    Sitting…….Sub Lt Artie Hay, Lt “Ïggy”Biggs. PO Tel Geoff Drew.

  4. john snow says:

    As a side comment. Remember Geoff Drew well. He was part of staff iof HMS Glasgow when we were in West Indies circa 1949/1950, He left to come home for discharge in Pompey and made a few jocular remarks as he departed. A few months later we arrived back in Pompey and who should greet us but Geoff who had been retained due to the Korean war for another 18 months. Surprise surprise he was one of the first people I saw on arriving in NZ back in 1958.

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