Here are three images which are very poor quality and hoping that someone may be able to produce better copies.  The crew was from HMNZS Canterbury and believe the year was 1993.  I believe they may have been included in a commission booklet.


Rear:  L-R  ASG Wilmshurst, ARO Linders, ASG Ralston, ARO Porter, ARO Barham
Middle: L-R ASG Copson, ASG R. Graham, ARO L. Graham, ARO Thomson, ASG Irvine
Seated: L – R LRO Te Aho, LRO Puna, LRO Thompson, CPORS Maika, POYS Ellis,        LSG Taua, LSG Peters


Standing L-R  ABS Moser,  OS Berwick, ABS Waitere, ABS Gallon, ABS Carter
Sitting L-R  LS Teweehi, SLT Camburn, POS Bloor, LS Bird


L-R  ACA Damien Morrison, CPOCA Darby Allen, LCA Steve Lock, ACA George Orr

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4 Responses to CANTERBURY Comms/EW/CA Crew

  1. Jim D says:

    I know that Frank Maika was the Chief when Canterbury came to Dunedin in 2000 and that Peter Gee was the CPORS on there in 2002, so maybe the pics were taken sometime between 1999 and 2001?

  2. Dave Wistrand says:

    Looks like Version 2

  3. Bars says:

    yep it was 1993, Was taken on our way back from Liverpool. they have been taken from a book we had made up for the trip. my copies are of the same quality sorry


  4. Mike Carter says:

    Definitely back in 1993. 50th Anniversary of Battle of Atlantic tour. Great year and great memories

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