Letter from Veterans Affairs – Passive Smoking

Here is a letter received by a member of the Bay of Plenty RSA from Veterans Affairs re passive smoking for personnel who served in the RNZN 1950 – 1980 era.  Click HERE to read the letter.   Thanks to Bay of Plenty RSA for releasing the letter.


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8 Responses to Letter from Veterans Affairs – Passive Smoking

  1. ken860@verizon.net says:

    good info for me, I have chronic COPD, and the typo in  the address block. WPOB v WBOP. Phew!Buck Taylor.Annapolis, Maryland.   

  2. Frank Rands says:

    Rex Hawes replies – We handled it in a different scenario up to 16 hours a day in machinery spaces, as the ships got closer to maintenance periods the sewn covers were broken and the hardcover would be breaking up you would see the fibres floating in the air. When the laggers came into de lagg they wore respirators, we had to stay in the spaces unprotected while they worked. Thanks VANZ.

  3. Frank Rands says:

    Wayne McCoy replies – Agree Rex it wasn’t just stokers exposed to asbestos us SA’s also had to handle is as well

  4. Jim D says:

    I claimed for passive smoking back in 2006 and it was accepted. Bud Abbott (RIP) had lung cancer due to Asbestos back in 2009 and that was accepted.

  5. albert cross says:

    coming off the middle watch at ZLO on a Thursday morning and being faced with eating smoked fish dished up in a milk sauce , having having just smoked about fifteen fags gave me an awful nauseating feeling . I am partial to a piece of smoked fish so I thought that something had to go so I gave up the fags. That will be 61 years come June 6th. Blew out 9 out of 10 LED candles at a recent Auckland University survey …

  6. mole says:

    Why were we still getting our monthly issue of DF Fags and Tobacco from date of entry as long as we were victualed or did this never happen? I remember still getting it at IRIANGI as late as ’72 to ’74. May be someone should write to an opposition MP.

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