I think there are some Communicators in this image.  Can anyone identify?


Standing Rear L-R  ?, ?, Angela Lumsden, CO Amanda Weston, ?,

Middle Row L-R  POWM Sam Buckingham, Tracey Shannohan, Norma Kelly, Tonay Jones, ?, ?

Sitting L-R  CO Donna Osborne,  POCS Michelle Martin, Lynn Buckingham , ?, ?,

Communicators in Bold

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  1. MOLE says:

    I think that’s Michelle Martin 2nd left front row. This photo deserves to be hung on the wall at Ngataringa Complex The two males are left POWM Sam Buckingham and possibly right the late WOWTR Des Ford. Best idea to get all the names is Put it in the Ex RNZN Facebook page.

  2. gunther says:

    no that is not des ford on the right..

  3. mole says:

    Splitting image of him m8

  4. gunther says:

    mole u need new glasses, that guy who ever he is is half the height of des

  5. Jim D says:

    Not Des Ford. Hadn’t Des left by then and was secretary at the East Coast Bays Golf Club?

  6. Amanda Cottle says:

    Yes that is me at the back ACO Weston, didn’t recognise myself at first! (good times)

  7. Benny Benson says:

    Top Left Donna Rowe, Front Left Lynn Hamilton and Second in From right I think is Maryanne Davidson. Can’t put names to the others although I should be able to I started Womans Soccer In the NAVY..Benny

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