Were you serving in Canterbury for the 1991 visit to Crete? If so, do you have a brief printable (!!) comment to make about what you remember? If so, you can post it here.  Al Peck is looking for material for a Navy Today article.

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4 Responses to HMNZS CANTERBURY 1991

  1. CANZ President says:

    Morning Frank,

    I was the Yeoman on that trip and I have a pile of photos somewhere and some printable memories, which I will try and put down just a little busy with work at the moment will try and complete over the weekend.


  2. Alan Peck says:

    The deadline for completing the draft is this weekend. If you can email a couple of photos to me at I would appreciate that. A couple of quotable sentences describing what you remember from that visit would be useful too.

  3. Wayne says:

    There are a few us still serving from that trip. I was an ASG at the time and recall some things you may or may not want to use. Firstly, we ended up sending 5 sailors home for drug related offences. Thankfully the drug culture has changed significantly. I also recall the issues we faced clearing signal traffic, at one point to address our frustration in a light hearted manner we released a message in a bottle into the ocean with instructions to call Waiouru and inform them we were calling, our traffic list was 140 O 200 P and 45 R signals for TX.

    Ashore was our introduction to Greek hospitality and gratitude. It was also our first introduction to Raki, the locally produced rocket fuel (I am certain you run your car on the stuff) and souvlaki. At one of the many parades I also recall one of our veterans came across the family that sheltered and help him escape from the Germans after they had occupied Crete. During his hurried escape in the dark of the night he had left his watch behind. 50 years later he was not only reunited with his saviours but also his watch.

    To be honest the trip was not one of my fondest memories and was surpassed by the 50th anniversary of the establishing of the RNZN which is one of the reasons I am so excited by OP Neptune and celebrating our 75th

  4. CPORS Danny Kaye (back then) says:

    Sorry boss like whits have been under the spate pump was whttles off sider back then he was hard work to keep in line too will dig around and get back to you both hey whits still owe you a big mac or three…nek minit … ate them on the way Rgds D

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