Sparker joins Zipper Club

Just to advise that Lieutenant Christopher Robin FARROW has just joined the zipper club and had a triple by-pass heart operation.  Chris is in Wakefield Hospital in Wellington and is recovering well.  For those who cannot remember Chris he was an ex Chief Sparker who commissioned in 1985.  Who says sparkers don’t have hearts.  If you want to leave a comment to this posting, I will ensure it is passed on.  Regards  Frank

Happy to report that Chris has now been discharged from Hospital into the loving care of his wife, Nurse Joan, who I am sure will keep him on the straight and narrow in the short term.  Joan is also happy to report that Chris has been given the book that Jim Dell referred to and is lining up dishwasher, laundry, vacuuming and other duties.  Chris has asked me to convey his thanks for all the kind wishes he has received via the blog and facebook.  Upwards and onwards and in the words of only Chris  ‘I wouldn’t be dead for quids’.




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37 Responses to Sparker joins Zipper Club

  1. Recover quickly RS. Despite the zip you look in fine fetter. My regards to you and your family and may the days be brighter in the coming days

    kind regards

    D Whaanga

  2. murray says:

    Hope everything turns out ok Chris. Having an op myself next Wednesday, not that serious though.

  3. Jim D says:

    You obviously didn’t have enough reds in your wine cellar in Blenheim Chris! Suggest you get Joan to get you a tri-pillow for when you go home. It is easier to sleep that way. Take care. CS72

  4. Nick says:

    Get well Chris. Thoughts and regards

  5. Mike Dinwiddie says:

    Get well soon Chris and take it easier ie leave the ten pin out of the picture for a while.
    hopefully your recovery goes well

  6. John Snow says:

    Welcome to the club. Got mine for an aneurysm back in the 90s. You will hardly notice it soon.

  7. Gary Kingdon says:

    Hope all goes well, Chris, and you have a speedy recovery.

  8. Dave Carroll says:

    Hope you have a speedy recovery Chris and make sure you slow down a bit until it all settles down.
    All the best from Dave & Bernie Carroll

  9. Jim Blackburn. says:

    Come on then young Chris, “Let’s be ‘aving yer turned to” Want you up and running for the
    2017 Otago Reunion, Aren’t you glad now that I didn’t let you have overnight leave when you
    joined Otago as an OD in 1966…kept you out of trouble……Get well soon…. you’ve got a lot of
    living to do yet.

  10. gunther says:

    i know what ur thinking chris..”ive seen better food at the bridge club” keep well gunth

    • Jim D says:

      At least Chris is getting his meals direct from the hospital kitchen. Dunedin Hospital’s food comes from Auckland!

  11. Jim D says:

    I would have to say that the Zipper Club is incorrect. I had a quadruple bypass in 2006 and they used metal rings inside the chest to pull the rib cage back together. The three or four rings stay permanently inside the chest cavity and it doesn’t leave the zipper trade mark like the metal staples used to do. I like to call it the No8 Fencing Wire Club even though they’re made of stainless steel.

  12. Jim D says:

    …looking at Chris’s scar, I would say that the surgeon or his assistant must have had a hangover whilst using the bone saw…

  13. Dodger says:

    Have a speedy recovery Chris and listen to nursey !!! your on the right side of it now mate

  14. Jim D says:

    You get given a small red cushion to take home when you leave hospital so that you can hold it against your chest when you cough, sneeze, fart, get in and out of a chair or bed. They also give you a booklet that the cardiac post-care nurse goes through with you and your wife the day you leave. My wife had read the booklet before I did and asked the nurse about being able to hang out the washing after so many weeks. The nurse replied that that was correct. To which my wife said “That’s amazing, he was never able to do that before!”

  15. Jim D says:

    I also had cancer of the prostate but they wouldn’t operate until six months had passed after cardiac surgery – to allow the general anaesthetic to wear off. During that time, I had a biopsy to check out how bad the cancer was. This involved going to the Day Surgery Unit, hopping on to the operating table, adopting the fetal position on my left side and awaiting the urologist’s pleasure. A very old female nurse sat by side and held my hands. The specialist then inserted an ultrasound probe up the after end. This probe also had a hole in it to allow a 12 inch needle to be fired into the prostate. Six needles were fired (one at a time) in to one side of the prostate and then another six in to the other side. Rather like a staple gun going off up your bum. I winced quite a bit and the old nurse kept patting my hands and saying “there, there. not long now”. To which I replied “How the f..k would you know!”
    How anyone can be part of the Gay Liberation Front, is anyone’s guess…

    • Jhn Bullock says:

      I have a call into the U.S. Embassy WLG to see if they got any spare Purple Hearts to add to your collection Jim!. I think SWMBO was more interested in a “fast-track recovery”!

  16. Jim D says:

    Before I had the biopsy, I had to see the urologist a second time about something. Anyway, I was asked to lie on the bed whilst he donned some examination gloves. This guy had long bony fingers and I said “you’re not going to give me a digital rectal examination again are you?” To which he replied “No, not unless you want me to” …

  17. John Snow says:

    jIM dS COMMENTS resonate with myself. I had a small cancer removed from bladder six years ago and checks since then have shown no further problem. However the nurse specialist did want to check out prostate as Jim had done and I said no. After coming out of hospital last July I got a letter saying they wished to do a cystology chek again in the bladder. I sent a message back saying I had been prodded pked and had MRI and CT scans over 3 weeks where nothing was found plus I saw no sense when I ccan see North Shore Hospital from my windows in going to Waitakere for this. So hopefully they have delisted me. Maybe I was wrong and maybe not but peace of mind is there.

  18. gunther says:

    hmmm after all the above comments, wont need to go to the doc..

  19. albert cross says:

    looks like this has developed into an open forum on post-service medical conditions so please bear with me while I impart my experience. . I told my Doc that I was suffering from irregularity so he booked me into Green Lane for a colonoscopy
    According to Billy Connolly, that is where they prescribe a mixture of liquid and pills 24 hours before the operation to purge out any obstructions that may be loitering in the pipeline.
    A TV camera fitted on the end of a long flexible tube is commissioned.
    A nice nurse gives you a piece of paper outlining the procedure and when read and inwardly digested, you are stripped off and clad in a white surgical smock which you put on backwards.
    On to a trolley and wheeled into the operating theatre where the nurse connects you up to an oxygen bottle with two probes stuffed up your nostrils. Before departing the nurse checks to see if you have taken your undies off. Laying on my left side in the foetal position I have a front row view on a 25″ colour TV monitor. An abundant slap of 50W /20 and “smile” – you are seeing yourself on candid camera as never before.. 88 cm later and the camera has located your Ilium which is a medical term for appendix region and the doctor was impressed with the visibility On the return trip, three polyps were detected and they were snipped off , cauterised with a warm fuzzie and retrieved for analysis . All good news. This was a very comfortable procedure, no discomfort whatever.
    Billy Connolly’s prescription had a lot to do with restoring regularity, I am certain off……

  20. Jim Blackburn. says:

    Jeezus Kerriste ….it is stuff of nightmares.
    Now come off it you lot…pack it in….all this vivid description stuff has sent my Sphincter
    muscle into a terrified panic lockdown and it is now somewhere up in my chest area in
    fright and this is does not augur well for pending bowel movements..

  21. Chook says:

    I was going to add something but I can’t better anything already said so I will say all the best Chris, take it easy and get well soon…..

  22. Jim D says:

    It’s a pity that the navy didn’t have ECG Recorders in our day. There would be a lot more sailors alive today had our medicals been more thorough. I would hardly call PULHEEMS a thorough medical examination.

  23. john snow says:

    Comment used to be …..if you do not die with 18 months of leaving pussers then you would live to a ripe old age. Would appear to be mainly correct but modern surgical techniques do change that at times.

  24. john snow says:

    After all the comments from us SOBs on our ailments how is the patient Chris recovering?

    • Frank Rands says:

      John, Happy to report that Chris has now been discharged from Hospital into the loving care of his wife Nurse Joan who I am sure will keep him on the straight and narrow in the short term. Joan is also happy to report that he has the book that Jim Dell referred to and is lining up dishwasher, laundry, vacuuming and other duties. Chris has asked me to convey his thanks for all the kind wishes he has received via the blog and facebook. Upwards and onwards and in the words of only Chris ‘I wouldn’t be dead for quids’.

  25. Gene Autridge says:

    All the best Chris. Had a triple myself in the early 90s after several cardiac arrests, Every day is now a bonus. Look after yourself
    Gene Autridge

  26. Caddy says:

    Xmas Eve 2012. slight twinge right side of chest – better check as going away that morning for 6 weeks to Wairarapa – wake up in Auckland Hospital Cardiac Unit having already been to North Shore Hospital Cardiac Unit. Finally discharged after 8 weeks. Seems I was promised the stainless steel clips, but ended up with home-ward bounders! After 2 weeks, no sign of the zipper effect so nothing to brag about double by-pass or valve replacement. I feel short changed which goes with my shortness of breath, but that’s another matter. Get well Chris – want my red cushion?


  27. Robin Franklin says:

    Please may An elderly survivor who has undergone some of the above mentioned record that I nearly wept with mirth reading it to my wife.
    This is history “in the raw” and is worth preserving.
    As for Pulheems- ” You made it up the stairs, you’re OK”
    30 years ago the nurse receptionist at post op exam outlined the many horrors “you will be back for as you age” Enough to cause a panic attack!

  28. Patrick Haddock says:

    Hi Chris,
    Hope that you improve at a fast rate, and welcome to the club. Just one comment an ECG did not pick up my problem Jim, and I too have a Quadruple By-Pass, complete with Pacemaker.

  29. Peter Martin says:

    With mates like this Chris and their medical stories, not sure if it is helping to cheer you up much probably making you have a good laugh that is hurting more than anything. Wishing you well and a speedy recovery.
    Pincha & Marlene

  30. Ian says:

    Hi Chris, here’s wishing you a speedy recovery, your nurse is one of the best and will have you fighting fit very soon….
    Take care of yourself and get in touch when you are feeling better.
    What brilliant bunch of mates with all of the above – just don’t split the stitches.
    Kind regards to you both
    Ian and Teresa

  31. MOLE says:

    Speedy recovery Chris hope you had more notice for the Op, me sitting on my bed having a cuppa and Naffi Bun @ 10am when Specialist comes in a says I’ve got good and bad news for you Mole bad news is if you drive a car you’re a danger to yourself and others on the road, Hell says I wots the good news? Oh says he cheerfully, I’m giving you a Triple Bypass at 1400 next thing I knew was the Nurse stuck me in the butt with a needle and I was in happy land!! getting shaved by a Ward Aid who reminded me of the Trans Gender MP at the time. Worst thing about it all was after the Operation back at PHILLY several people said “Mole you’ll do anything to stay in Pussers”, this was because I wasn’t Medically Fit to be Discharged.

  32. Neill Dorset says:

    Speedy recovery Chris, Only just been made aware of your op by Mole as I seemed to have missed a few months of this newsletter. Jim D comments in one of his ‘ramblings’ about your Blenheim winecellar- do you live in Blenheim, if so next time back in NZ ( family in Blenheim) I will look you up. Re other comments by others – I am somewhat frightened at the growing list of Communicators who have organ transplants, repairs, bypasses, being placed on ‘medical lists for some foreign disease’, and so on, I begin to wonder what those navy Chefs put in our food or water….or was it the rum.
    Best wishes for your recovery Chris.
    Neill Dorset (Perth)

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