A Question of Speed – Fatties Race

This event occurred when two Senior Rates were mouthing off about who was the fastest runner!!  The PO Sparker was Tony Locke and Dave Wistrand was the EW onboard.

Can you identify the Announcer, The Runners, The Ship, The Messdeck and The Location.


Location – Surabaya, Indonesia
When – 1975
Runners – POEL Leslie and POCK (Knobby) Clark
Mess – AFT PO’s
Announcer – Dave Wistrand
Others Present – Bruce Pukepuke

Well Done Tony Locke

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1 Response to A Question of Speed – Fatties Race

  1. Tony Locke says:

    Question of Speed …. The occasion was whilst Waikato was alongside Surabaya.
    I was the PO Sparker onboard. These 2 guys had a bet whilst at sea. The winner was poel Lesley an electrician followed by chef.(his name eludes me) I was the trainer of the lecky. The race was held at tot time .. with the crew including officers cheering on.The timekeeper was a POME . A laugh a minute. The guy with the mega phone on the upper deck was giving the commentary. THERE THEY GO..

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