The following has been received from Keith Ingram

I am in the early planning stages with Captain Andrew Watts and Commodore John Campbell to ensure that the ‘Old Salts’ those who have served in the RNZN under either flag to have a dedicated ship during the 75th birthday celebrations ‘Fleet review’ in November this year.

Given my involvement with the William C Daldy, yes she’s steam, large and stable (120 pax) with a bar. I have secured this ship and now have approval in principle for it to participate as the official “Old Salts’ vessel to meet the fleet when they arrive, Thursday 17 Nov. A cocktail cruise pm 18th Nov for the ex Wrens and partners, The Fleet Review on the 19th (the official bit) where we will be following the review ship in formation one ship behind, plus Sunday sailings to review the fleet at anchor and then the departure on the 22nd.

This is just a heads up that the planning committee, myself, Jill Thompson, Margaret Mitchell and Jerry Payne will be getting together to build and excellent program in support of the Navy’s 75th celebrations.

If you would like to be kept in the loop with newsletters with a potential view to participating in these events please email me at with your email and contact phone number,  so that we may confirm your intentions by registering your interests.

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  1. Dave Wistrand says:

    Should also be aware on May 14th at Whangarei Heads a ceremony will he held to remember those who lost their lives in the sinking of HMS Puriri – This is being co-ordinated by the RNZN and will be part of Operation Neptune. Should be at 1100 (the time of sinking) but still to be sorted and the Waipu RSA who organised the commemoration plinth are keeping an eye on it

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