This One is Going to Test You….

Here is an image of Waikato’s Comms Crew in 1979.  Lets see how many names we can put to the image.











Left to Right  Martin Frost,  Frank Maika, Allan Padgett, Ben Gilbert, John (Ducky) Taylor , Jeff Brown, Steve Paul, Steve Prentice, Nick Pritchard, Brian Kerr, Darby Allan,  ?, Joe Clendon, Drins Drinnan, Dinger Bell.

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8 Responses to This One is Going to Test You….

  1. Steve Prentice says:

    That was near the start of an ‘at sea best beard growing comp.’ I came pretty well last, I recall. I’m oddly formal – no idea why – but smiling so it wasn’t bad. Tucked neatly between Brownie and Darbs.

  2. John bidois says:

    behind Joe Clendon standing EW Drenin? and standing at rear white T-shirt another Golly Paul?

  3. Dave Earl says:

    Next to Frank Maika is Allan Padget by the look of him and standing 2nd right above Joe Clendon is Dribbles I think but can’t remember his real name now.

  4. Nik Pritchard says:

    Between Brownie & Ben is John (Ducky) Taylor, Steve Paul behind. Far right Drins Drinnan & Dinger Bell on the end.

  5. Nik Pritchard says:

    Sorry Frank can’t put a name to the face, he was a sparker, ARO surname may’ve started with B.

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