Mon 2 Jan – Dad went into hospital again yesterday {new Years Eve}, his bad leg has an infection, Mum and the home help got him up for his shower and he collapsed when mum and the helper got him up again she saw his bad leg was red like a beetroot and swollen.
Mum rang the duty doctor and said he won’t come on home visits even when Mum said dad can’t get into a car because he is painful.
He said to ring the district nurse and she said it looks like a blood clot or an infection.

Went to see dad today Monday the 2nd January his leg looks a little better it is still red and inflamed but not as much as when he went in.
He kept asking when he will go home he doesn’t want to be in hospital we asked the nurse and she said he can’t come home until he is off the antibiotic IV

We will be glad to get him home and looked after

Fri Dec 13 – Hi All,  Well home at last and just settling in to a new routine its great to be back here. I will slowly get back on the computer myself, But mean while Nicole is still the boss.  Needless to say I am still overwhelmed by the by the support I have received.  Cheers Dusty

Sat Dec 17 – Mum went to see Dad again today she found out that the cancer has got to Dusty’s spine in the lower back and the new estimated length of time we have left with him is 1 year. We got his motorized hospital bed and raps so we can take him out for a walk in the wheelchair. If you would like to phone him at home here is our number is 06 327 6225 or your international number for +64 6 327 6225.  If you would like to phone him at home our number is 06 327 6225 or your international number is +64 6 327 6225,

It would appear that somewhere along the line I have torn the tendon of the right shoulder which I am told will never come right {Bugger!!!} They have located the cancer and intend to give it a once only Power Zap {Friday 16th at 2.30pm NZ time} This will hopefully relieve the pain eventually, But not for good. I hope to get home Monday or Tuesday next week. I thank you all for your good wishes, most gratefully received. Love to all DUSTY

Thu Dec 15 – Dad is coming home Monday or Tuesday Yippee. We have a man coming in the weekend to put a ramp or ramps in.  Dad has his last radiation this afternoon so it will be a lot of shifting furniture around this weekend to accommodate the motorized bed and wheelchair etc.  It will be good to have him home.

Sun Dec 11 – Took Sliema {our Dog} to see dad again today, Dad still hasn’t heard when he is having another CT Scan for his cancer on his pelvis yet.


He received a photo of “The HMS Ganges” Navy training Centre today and was pointing out where he used to have a room or bunk, It looks like he was the nearest one to the big mast.  Thank you for the printout of the HMS Ganges for Dad who ever sent it to him.

now something from Dad – I have just listened to a CD that my friend Shep gave me, only two words for it, Brilliant, Bloody Brilliant, Well done mate.  Unfortunately, My own “ Mini Sods Opera” would not be CD’able.  Little Red wing, Peggy O’Neill, The Last Sermon etc, and others I would remember as I warm up. But congrats mate you made my day. BZ

p.s. Dumb shoulder has gone weak on me, unable to salute colours 0800, request excuse. make it so, without me please.

Dec 7 – Good news guys, those tot’s of rum or other drinks that you prefer are having a positive effect and working for Dad.

Went to see Dad today after he was shifted to the Aranui Hospice in Palmerston North, He looks much much better.  They have taken him off 2 drugs which he was prescribed in Wanganui Hospital.  One was giving him ulcers in his mouth and throat which is why he wasn’t eating or drinking and the second wasn’t doing him any good as well.  He is still on morphine, but only enough to dull the pain.  He is now eating and having a cup of tea.
He is also sitting up after 2 weeks of laying flat and wide awake.  The Doctor is taking more scans as there may be another  cancer mass in his pelvis area.  If there is they will give him more radiation therapy.  He has physio now to get him up and mobile again. While being transferred from Wanganui Hospital to the hospice he pulled a shoulder muscle but that will come right with physio.  Things are looking a lot brighter for Dad.

Thu Dec 1 – Following from Dusty’s daughter Nicole – Well I’ll start off with thank you to John & Ester, Marion & Patricia, Larry, Colin Brett & Harry, Thank you so much it cheered Dad up so much.

Mum has been in today after the Dr’s & Specialist’s had another POW WOW. It is bad news today, Dad has cancer in the urinary tract, It is not operable, and they said that chemo or radiation is too harsh on him now and it will only give him another few months. He is in a fighting spirit and hopefully we will have him for another year or two. Hope to have him in a hospice soon to ready him to come home for a while. Sorry to be the bearer of this bad news.

Sun 27 Nov – Dusty is just getting over a chest infection he was a bit down yesterday but much better today.  He thinks he will be going to the hospice either tomorrow or Tuesday.

Dusty found out that he had a trapped nerve in his lower back and because he is sitting in a lazy boy chair so my sister Tania said would be better in a bed so he is in a motorized bed that he can press a button to go up and down.

He is in good spirits and fighting to beat this pain of osteoarthritis {old age disease} pity Dad can’t have Rum or a dram of Whisky.

Wed 23 Nov – Dusty has now been moved to in Wanganui Hospital again.  He is back on the Medical Ward.  Wanganui Hospital phone number is 06 348 1234 and remember ask for Harold Miller

Message from Dusty 22 Nov – G’day All  Thanks for all the lovely emails, phone calls and surprise visits – a real boost to the moral.  My current situation is that I have had Radiation treatment for “C” upper spine and inner skull, Chest biopsy 11.00am. Search for pain relief of hips and spine, poss osteoarthritis. Apart from that, fighting fit. Thanks, you wonderful, wonderful people

Move back to Wanganui today (time?)

I know, I can hear you all saying which Dusty is this.. Just to advise that Harold ‘Dusty’ Roy Miller of Marton is unwell. He was rushed to hospital last Wednesday morning at 7.00am NZ time with chest pains. To date it is not his heart & it is not his pacemaker but they still don’t know what is wrong as yet and they are doing more tests. Dusty has a CT scan on Thursday and the Dr thinks he has Pleurisy. This will not be confirmed up the CT Scan results are back. Still in a lot of pain and still having Morphine.

His wife visited him yesterday, Saturday and he is no better but no worse either. He is still having Morphine 3 times a day as it is still painful without. His lungs have been drained once but need to be drained again. So that is the update on our shipmate.

Today Monday, They tried to wean Dusty off the morphine and try a different type of pain medication but this was not successful. It would appear that the pain experienced last Wednesday has returned and he feels like he has been kicked in the chest by a horse. He has been given a chair to sleep in so maybe that will make it a little easier for him. Thanks Nicole (daughter) for the update.

Tuesday 15 Nov
Dusty’s daughter visited him today and reports I went in to visit Dad for the first time since he left home in the ambulance and he feels and looks better than when he left from my take on it.
Dad said the Doctors and Specialist are having a POW WOW about his pain and headaches to see what they can do to help.  Dad said he still can’t eat much and he has help going to the toilet because it is still painful to move and he sometimes gets to the TV to watch the news.  He has had another CT scans so the specialist can look over them.

Friday 18 Nov
Dad’s bone scan shows it hasn’t got into the bone. He is having radiation instead of chemo. Mum said that he look much brighter and happier today then he has in the last three weeks. He has had his 2nd of 5 radiation treatments this morning.

Sunday 20 Nov.
Dad is still in good spirits today. He is to have a biopsy tomorrow, & has only 2 more radiation treatment. His only complaint is having a numb bum!!!!

If you would like to call Dusty at the Palmerston North Hospital dial +6463569169 if calling international or if calling within New Zealand 06 356 9169 and ask for Harold Miller as they don’t have him under Dusty. You can also email him on email patient@midcentraldhb.govt.nz. He is in Ward 23 and he will be there until Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

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7 Responses to DUSTY MILLER

  1. Marian Simons says:

    Best wishes to Dusty & his family for a speedy recovery.

    Dad had Pleurisy a couple of months ago, but not so bad he needed hospitalisation,or morphine (only paracetamol) but he was very tired for some weeks. All better now & celebrated his 81st today (13th)

  2. john snow says:

    May you have a speedy recovery.

  3. Butts says:

    My thoughts are with you Dusty.

  4. john snow says:

    According to post this morning on Ex Ganges site sadly the diagnosis is cancer of the brain. Sincerely hope that this bugger can be beaten.

  5. pokiha hiini says:

    Still cant work out which Dusty this is, regardless all the best for a full recovery

  6. Jim Dell says:

    I think this may be the Dusty who was at NR1 and had an artificial leg? Here’s hoping for a good outcome.

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