The Naval Museum has come across an old IRIRANGI trophy called the ‘Irirangi Chook Cooking Competition’.  The museum would like to know the background around this trophy.  Does anyone remember it ever being presented or does anyone have a photo of the trophy.  Leave a comment to this post if you can assist.



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  1. MOLE says:

    I believe that it began after the move from the Old Camp to the Frigate Block and after females were again allowed to serve in IRIRANGI, it was a run from the old Camp to the Frigate Block by the Males and on completion the runners each had to cook a chook with out the Assistance of one of the girls – the followed by a good social gathering up at the Sports Club. ME1 Rocket Palmer is one winner who comes to mind.

  2. Butts says:

    Yes I recall that contest. It was in my second tour there in 1976/77. It may have been the inaugural competition as I do not remember a trophy being involved. I am not sure on this though.
    I know that on the day we all started cooking around lunchtime with the finished result up for judging in the evening.
    I seem to remember the winner being Dave Patu, or him being part of a team. I think he cooked the chicken by boiling it in a pot, with one of the ingredients being his tot. He then went down to the Oasis while it simmered away. When he returned most of the liquid had disappeared and chicken looked a little dark on the outside, I think he cut it up and laid pieces on a plate. I think it tasted sensational. And we all had nerve to laugh at his effort.
    This is from memory so the facts may not be quite correct. At least it is a start

  3. Neil (Nobby) Gibson says:

    Hi Frank I was posted to Irirangi as the P.O. Cook from 1969 to 1971 and have not heard of the
    Chook Cooking Competition. A person who might know is Tom Kerr I think he is at the Onehunga
    Nobby Gibson

  4. albet cross says:

    Sorry. Can’t help with the Chook Cooking competition but did you know that there was a Rugby trophy which was contested between Irirangi and the MOW (mostly Fletcher Construction) who were building the residences alongside the Army Camp.
    It was a highly polished , varnished and exquisitely crafted toilet seat with the words “The Runfairly Shield” embossed in gold lettering thereon.
    The winner on each occasion had a “shield” in the form of a beer bottle top with MOW or Navy tacked onto it.
    The inaugural presentation was performed by Laurie Carr who accepted the shield from Sam Veale who ceremoniously draped it around the said officer’s neck. . .

  5. Jim D says:

    I think this may have been a competition organised by the Junior Rates during the summer months sometime in the 80’s.

  6. Frank Rands says:

    Jan Wills remembers Jan Wills We used to have a chicken cooking competition at the sports club after the deviation run. I think I might have won it once in the early 80’s!

  7. Butts says:

    We definitely had a chicken cooking competition in 77. It was my last draft before I left the Navy. In the gallery section there are a couple of photo’s I took, Funny hat competition, winter by the pool, and the BBQ photo. These ratings were serving there during the same period and may rememeber the chicken cooking competition we had in the Frigate block. It was before there were any females posted to Irirangi. I will contact Hooky Walker he may remember something.

  8. Butts says:

    Following from Marty Walker.

    “yeah it did win but it was not Dave and I, but Dave and Daisy Adams I think or Darby Allen and I was certain you I and did all the fancy stuff with ours and came 2nd or 3rd and you right Patu just chucked his in a big pot and went to the pub and we spent all day on ours. Funny you should mention that but I was thinking of that the other day how he won that and still laugh about it..O the good old days a Butts anyway Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your Whanau Cheers !!
    Butts I can not remember who judged it I think it was Fifeild and I think there was a trophy ask Woolif he would know as he organised it along side the Mess Dinner I think sorry no photo’s could not afford a camera then hope it helps ??!!”

    I can’t remember the judges either, but one may have been the engineering officer at the time. He is the one with the beard in the funny hat photo.

  9. Frank Rands says:

    George Randall remember Darby(Robin) Allen RIP and Dave Patu and Martin Walker (Hooky) cooking a chook in the Waiouru RSA while the chicken was still in its plastic bag. Covered it in alcohol, and lit it.not sure what type, had a blue flame. needles to say, I don’t think it was fit for human consumption. LOL!

  10. Wak Nathan says:

    Yep. Remember that very first “Cook Chook” competition way back in 1977 very well because I was the first one to win it.. Jake Ash lent me some of his pots. Just threw the chicken in the pot to boil with some of Jake’s mix herb and hey presto. The winning chook. Wak Nathan

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