General Question 039

Q39. These two ships were originally for one country but will eventually be delivered to another in 2016.  Original buyer and subsequent buyer. Clue – “Play misty for me”

Answer:  Egypt will acquire the two Mistral LHDs originally intended for Russia from France.


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5 Responses to General Question 039

  1. gunther says:

    for Russia now going to Egypt

  2. Brandon Healy says:

    They are Mistral Class helicopter carriers originally sold to Russia but the contract was cancelled. After Russia finishes dismantling and removing its sensitive equipment they are then being sold to Egypt

  3. MOLE says:

    Russian Mistal class I think one is going to India.

  4. Chris Bond says:

    Mistral Class built in France for Russia but sale cancelled due to the sanctions placed on Russia after their invasion of the Crimea. Didn’t realise that they had a new purchaser lined up

  5. Alan Peck says:

    French built Mistral carriers originally intended for Russia. Now going to Egypt.

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