RNZN Communicator of the Year

Able Communications Warfare Specialist (ACWS) Josh J.C.H. Taitua was selected as the RNZN Communicator of the year 2015.  The award was made on the 2 December 2015 to an unsuspecting worthy candidate.  The award was made by Mr John Titmus (ex CPOYS) and Mr Jim Blackburn (ex CRI).


Citation – ACWS TAITUA joined HMNZS TE KAHA on 06 October 2014, having completed LCWS(Q)14/01. His post is at the level of a Leading Rate and he works within a small team taking the responsibility of the third LCWS. He quickly adjusted to his role and soon, his training was put to the test firstly with a workup before deploying and representing New Zealand in the ANZAC day Centenary Anniversary at ANZAC Cove.

His performance during the deployment saw him adapt to all areas of communications he was responsible for, a dedicated worker who has been working extremely hard to maintain such a high level meeting all the merits bestowed to a qualified Leading Rate, having gained the experience both in the COMCEN, Bridge and making strides in the IT Environment.

He is very reliable in his roles in the visual and radio areas, having recognition of the Officer of the Watches (OOW) and his immediate supervisors. One of the attributes recognised by his immediate supervisors is the initiative he displays by being proactive in seeking advice on upcoming serials from the OOW and Principal Warfare Officers (PWO). This allowed the ship to be prepared and ready, which then enables the Commanding Officers philosophy of ship handling with precision and panache.

He easily transfers these skill sets from the Bridge to the COMCEN working closely with the Ops Room Supervisor (ORS) to ensure their service expectations are being met. Joshua also worked in the IT environment utilising the training he has been given in the networking world of IT. This helped to set a benchmark in the networking training being given to the Communications Branch. He has been influential with the networking trial which sees the CWS trade work more in the LAN environment, he would also transfer these skills to the rest of the team, his peers and those who are posted in On-the-job training (OJT) billets.

His enthusiasm for extra-curricular activities is also noted – participating in ships activities such as “X Factor” in into which he put considerable time and effort. He is a member of the ships Maori Cultural Group, and if that isn’t enough, also maintains his own Physical Training and aiming to achieve personal fitness goals.

His Divisional Officer commented, “ACWS TAITUA is an excellent Able Rate who is performing above his current rank level. He is a pleasure to deal with divisionally and also professionally whether that is on the bridge or in the COMCEN. He provides an excellent service to command and shows all the indications of a high achiever. He provided excellent service on the bridge when in company earning the nickname the ‘Able Yeoman’”

ACWS TAITUA has displayed the RNZN core values of Courage, Commitment and Comradeship. And for this he is awarded the Communicator-of-the-Year 2015



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