Naval Officer Chosen as NZDF Person of the Year

Dedication to the New Zealand Defence Force’s (NZDF) core values of courage, commitment and comradeship have earned Auckland-based Lieutenant Commander (LTCDR) Janette Kingham the inaugural New Zealand Defence Force’s (NZDF) Person of the Year Award.

The announcement was made at the inaugural NZDF Person of the Year Awards event aboard HMNZS Canterbury in Wellington yesterday afternoon.


Speaking at the event, the Chief of Defence Force, Lieutenant General (LTGEN) Tim Keating, described LTCDR Kingham, of the Recruit Training Squadron, as “a tireless worker to improve the Navy’s induction training.”

In selecting the Person of the Year, the judges considered to what extent the individual exemplified all of the NZDF’s core values and how they lived them out in their daily role. The contribution had to be over and above that expected in their position and the recipient had to stand out as a role model for others.

“The foundations of our Navy, Army and Air Force are built upon the quality of our people and this begins with recruit training. Through LTCDR Kingham’s commitment and leadership, Navy induction training has been transformed and now enjoys graduation rates of 97 percent,” he said.

LTGEN Keating highlighted LTCDR Kingham’s courage in challenging the status quo. He said the improved training had a demonstrable effect for the better on the Navy and was contributing in the long term to the improved effectiveness of Navy people and improved sailor safety.

“LTCDR Kingham has made sure our Defence Force, and the Navy in particular, will be sustained into the future through the delivery of well trained young men and women. She is a worthy recipient of the accolade New Zealand Defence Force Person of the Year,” said LTGEN Keating.

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3 Responses to Naval Officer Chosen as NZDF Person of the Year

  1. Jim D says:

    Good on ya Jan – tell Wings to get off his backside and make you brekkie in bed!

  2. Wings says:

    Lol Warrant me ol’ bucket, done much more than that I can assure you, as we are all extremely proud of her achievement.

  3. Paul Murray says:

    Jan, heartiest congratulations for a very well deserved award.

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