A Gollie Retires

Mr Brian Burford (Ex Chief Petty Officer Electronic Warfare Supervisor) has spent the last 17 years at the Naval Museum and today, 20th November 2015 was his last day in the service of his country.  Brian hoisted the NZ White Ensign for the last time this morning at the Naval Museum.  Well done Brian and enjoy your retirement at Omokoroa Bay, Bay of Plenty.


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14 Responses to A Gollie Retires

  1. gunther says:

    well done Brian..will it be a civilian who takes his place???

  2. HDML Paea says:

    Thank you Brian for all the help that you have given to us on HDML Paea.

  3. Good effort Brian – you are retiring to a wonderful part of the country. Good luck

  4. Jim D says:

    Should it not be Mr Brian Burford retiring from the Navy museum? Or have us tax payers being paying for a serving CPO to stay in a cushy job for 17 years???

  5. John Bullock says:

    Enlighten me, is the Navy Museum classified as a “Navy Establishment” to be permitted to fly the Ensign? If this is so, then Jimbo should be able to fly the Ensign at his “unofficial” communications museum, and Gunther’s “Man-Cave” should be considered as well!

    • Jim D says:

      Cigna funeral cover advert is shot at Torpedo Bay and you can see the White Ensign in the background as Keith Quinn walks up the jetty. I trust that the RNZN is being paid to have this ad shot on Defence property?

    • Brian Burford says:

      We got special permission to fly the white ensign and yes we are a “Navy Establishment”.

  6. Dave Wistrand says:

    Jim Boy are you not retired now and living off taxpayers? Good Luck and Health Brian

  7. Frank Rands says:

    The Navy Museum has special authority to fly the New Zealand White Ensign. If Jimbo and Brian wish to fly this ensign, all they need to do is apply to the Chief of Navy as the flying of such comes under his jurisdiction. Good Luck.

    • Jim D says:

      Now there’s a thought. I’ve got a bosuns call. I could blow the still whilst Vicki raises and lowers the flag at Colours and Sunset respectively. I wonder what her indoors would say to that?

  8. gunther says:

    much as I would love to fly the flag, I don’t have a pole that is heavy enough or long enough to take a flag that size, and that is the size I would fly. still, I have little stick on ones on my vehicles..

  9. Neill Dorset says:

    Good luck on your retirement Brian. Enjoyed the chat and catch-up on our trip to the Museum on our trip back home Apr/May this year. Amazing how the years have flown since the Otago days.
    Regards Neill Dorset

  10. Ned Kelly (WOCEA Ret) says:

    He’ll be able to ‘take tea’ ( or a tot !!) with Lindsay (Ping Ping ) Roberts who also lives at Omokoroa !

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