New PHILOMEL Landing

Here are some images of the new PHILOMEL Landing.  It has taken a number of years to come to fruition but at last boats should come alongside more easily and allow sailors to disembark with safety instead of the leap of faith to slippery wooden steps.

Capture Capture1 Capture2


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6 Responses to New PHILOMEL Landing

  1. Scott matthews says:

    Looks good 😉

  2. Bill Bartlett says:

    Big Deal!!

  3. George says:

    Is Admiralty Steps still there ?

  4. Red Matthews says:

    Admiralty Steps are still there as the berth for the Customs vessel HAWK and the Ports Of Auckland tugs “Waka Kume” and “Waipapa”, The old shed has gone and there is a lot of “Structure” to support those large Tugs!

  5. Frank Rands says:

    Just as aside re the Philomel New Steps it’s funny how history plays a funny hand, the steps were rebuilt by Total Marine Services Ltd , the company was set up and run by Brett SHIPMAN who was a Able Seaman in the late 60/70’s, Red’s son, Scott Matthews is employed by them was part of the team that re-built it, his is the first comment on the page.

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