General Question 034

Name and country – clue: named after the 4th King of the Joseon Dynasty.

Answer: ROKS Sejong the Great. South Korea.


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10 Responses to General Question 034

  1. John Bullock says:

    The Sejong the Great-class destroyers (Sejongdaewang-Ham or Hangul: Hanja:, also known as KD-III, are guided missile destroyers of the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN).

  2. gunther says:


  3. says:


  4. Butts says:

    Republic of Korea Ship Sejong the Great (DDG 991)

  5. Nunky Johnson says:

    Republic of Korea – DDG 991 Sejong the Great

  6. Brandon Healy says:

    The ship pictured is the ROKN AEGIS destroyer King Sejong the Great. Pen no ROKN 991 and is part of the KDX III series of destroyers. It is based around an AN/SPY-II multi function radar. The radar system is capable of detecting and tracking up to 900 targets up to 1000 km away. The ship can engage 122 targets per minute utilising onboard systems. The ship is one of three 1) King Sejong the Great launched 25 May 2007, 2) Yulgok IL I pen no 992 launched 14 Nov 2008 and 3) Seoag Ryu Seong-Ryong launched 24 March 2011 the vessels are capable of approx 30 knots.

  7. PB says:

    Korean Navy Destroyer ROKS Sejong the Great (DDG 991)

  8. Pete says:

    ROKS Sejong the Great (DDG-991)
    Republic of Korea Navy

  9. Mike Commons says:

    that ship is from the South Korean Navy. Will hazzard a guess at the ship’s name as something to do with King Sejeon???

  10. Mike Commons says:

    The ship belongs to the South Korean Navy, and is named after King Sejon who was also responsible for the invention of the Korean alphabet

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