It did not take long….  in fact shorter than it took the Government to legislate the inclusion of the latest proposed flag.


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  1. Frank Lewis says:

    What a joke – so much for the original legislation and not to mention the waste of the daily fees paid to those on the flag selection committee – what a waste of time if Key can just pass legislation and in goes another suggested flag – which I must say is just crap. My vote is NO CHANGE.

  2. gunther says:

    don’t even go there.. horrible

  3. Mike Commons says:

    What a complete load of shit. Leave the flags as they are They have tradition and meaning to all Kiwis.. What a bloody insult to those thousands of Kiwis who have died serving the flags But that means nothing to some stupid megalomaniac Prime Minister

  4. Andrew Rackstraw says:

    Go have a look at the Canadian Naval Ensign and see if you can think of a suitable insult for our allies in Canada

  5. virginkiwi says:

    War was about fighting for freedom to continue free speech.I have only seen a silver fern on the headstones of our dead service men and women in France and Belgium.

  6. Yed Roberts says:

    What a telling argument against change.

  7. mike Harrington says:

    What a load of old cobblers, Key and the National party propaganda machine are still in full flight. It will be nice to hear what he has to say when the majority of us vote for no change!

  8. Dave Earl says:

    I’m with Frank and Gunther, If that’s the best we can come up with!

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