Up Up and Away

Here is an image of Owen Stuart in Singapore with my first two passengers after getting my private pilots licence through the Royal Singapore Aero Club. I was a signalman on Pukaki at the time, this photo would have been taken around Dec 1959 or Jan 60. Does anyone recognised these two chaps in uniform. They would have been junior seaman, or perhaps ordinary seamen at the time. The Captain of Pukaki was Cdr Williams, the Nav Officer was Paddy Bourke, and the Gunnery Officer was Humber Hulme, both of whom also came for sightseeing flights over Singapore, much to the annoyance of Cdr Williams who did not like fraternisation between the upper and lower deck.


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10 Responses to Up Up and Away

  1. gunther says:

    the one on the right I think is dennis newdick, look like a younger version of him

  2. Ernie Pope says:

    Ralph Wardle, dibdab on the left

  3. Mike Catlow says:

    Hi Owen this not related to above but I attended the MVA 4th Malaysian Veterans Day in Wellington on 16th September and got talking to Jack Summerton (Army – who as it turns out lives just down the road from me in Waikanae) who mentioned that he knew you from way back. Its a small world of coincidence this week with your post coming up.

  4. Casper says:

    Am I correct in recalling that a rating by the name of Wardle died whilst in Pussers, around this vintage? A car accident or something similar? Can’t remember his first name, but then again I frequently forget my own.

  5. mike Harrington says:

    I was on Pukaki 59/60 but for the life of me can’t remember any of these!

  6. mike Harrington says:

    I was on Pukaki 59/60 but for the life of me i can’t remember any of these!

  7. Lindsay Roberts says:

    Hi Owen, What a dip back into the memory banks .Pukaki 59/60. Agree that is Ralph Wardle on the left, the other I don’t know. I too remember flying with you in Singapore but in a Chipmunk.Then back home you hired a Piper tripacer? from the Rotorua Aero Club and took three of us on a trip round NZ. I remember a bit of a tense time flying through Arthurs Pass to Chch. It was great fun. Four sailors (can’t now remember who the other two were) in their own plane touring the country. Talk about Rich Mens offspring, that was us

    • Owen Stuart says:

      Hello Lyndsay, Nothing wrong with your memory cells!!. The aircraft we did the South Island trip was indeed a Piper Tripacer, registration ZK-BSH, and what is even more suprising is that this aircraft is still flying in Marlborough area training people for outback landings on short patches of turf. Used the Chipmunk from the Aero Club quite a lot for sightseeing trips.

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