Who Remembers This

Here is a picture of a Housewife. Not sure what they issue today in the modern navy but these certainly came in handy for sewing names onto shirts, trousers, blankets and the occasional button. If you still have a housewife scan it and send in your pictures.

What do you know…  I was advised today that this is no longer called a ‘Housewife’ it has had a name change to ‘sewing kit’.  Give me strength!!



A similar Housewife but with real RED stitching..


Another Housewife from 1948


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14 Responses to Who Remembers This

  1. gunther says:

    still have mine with all its red stiching, god I couldn’t sew

  2. Jim D says:

    Having a short surname, I was able to make a few bob by sewing fellow classmates names on their uniforms.

    • John Bullock says:

      I still got my “Housewife”…. We also had a wooden stencil template with your name that was used with red paint to mark your kit.

  3. mole says:

    In todays mob probably take piece of kit back to slops and swap one for one.

  4. Roddy says:

    A very handy bit of kit however mine was confiscated by border control around 9/11 time while flying domestic. Apparently, and at that time, the very blunt scissors and needles that the kit contained were deemed as potential weapons.

  5. Jim D says:

    Never mind Rodders – you’ve got Her Indoors to do all that mundane stuff now…


    Still have mine—although I married another one—-John in my day the paint was white and I still have my stencil

  7. Dave Earl says:

    yep, still got mine tucked away in a suitcase back in NZ somewhere, complete with red stitching. Never married another one who was half as good!!

  8. Stanley G Foster says:

    Still have mine

  9. mike Harrington says:

    Yea, sewed a few homeward bounders!

  10. mike Harrington says:

    I’ve still got mine too Noel, plus a few other bits and pieces that the Mrs is always telling me to get rid of!

  11. Carmen Wihongi (nee Sadler) says:

    Still have mine – it is putty coloured though. Still use it, too!

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