Gender Neutral Policy

New gender neutral trades have been introduced into the RNZN.  These trades include:

  • Seaman Officer are now known as Seamanship Officer
  • Seaman Combat Specialist (Old Gunnery Branch) are now known as Seamanship Combat Specialist. and
  • Helicopter Crewman is now a Helicopter Crewperson in line with the RNZAF.

Not sure what they are going to do with terms like Man Aloft or Man Overboard but watch this space.

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16 Responses to Gender Neutral Policy

  1. Dave Wistrand says:

    Well does this mean “Her or His Majesty’s New Zealand Ship” will become “Person Majesty New Zealand Ship” or as previously been reported “NZDF Ship”
    I shouldn’t bite at this kind of stuff but while I am at it now we are decimalised how come we have Communicator of the Quarter shouldn’t that be Communicator of the the Monthly Period – might get in touch with Donald Trump about how such periods are handled.

  2. Bazz Walden says:

    Crewperson Aloft, Crewperson Overboard. By the time some poor crewperson deciphers that I fear they will be dead in the water.

  3. Jim D says:

    I think that will become Gay New Zealand Ship Dave

  4. Dave Wistrand says:

    No Jim — Lesbian – Gay and Transgender Ship (actually think there is another one in there somewhere – actually don’t really care just tend to think if you join an existing organisation that is what it is and accept it and while there have been some unnamed arse holes that need sorting, generally it worked and some coped (most) and some didn’t so now everyone is scared of upsetting minorities – Tough to be “old – exskinny – male – white – married (to a female) – less tattoos than most of the present lot – bloke) time for a coffee and rest my case

  5. Jim D says:

    I think I’ve sussed this one. Changing the flag will mean NZ becomes a republic. Thus throwing out the monarchy and minority treaties. Each naval rating will then take out the scissors from their housewives (sorry – sewing kits) and unpick the letters HM from their cap tallies. Leaving NZS – New Zealand Ship, etc. This will save thousands of dollars in not having to get new tallies made and the need for determining His or Her Majesty has been solved. There – simple! God, I’m a genius…

  6. Will ships still be referred to in the feminine or will it become shims

  7. Bill Bartlett says:

    Christ! wot the ‘ell next!

  8. Ross Ayre says:

    So does this mean that all “Seamens ||”job will be gone ?? replaced by A I ??

  9. Dave Wistrand says:

    I think you have it Bill – Hell is next

  10. John Bullock says:

    I wonder what will happen next? All those business/official forms that we all have to fill in from time to time will not have the need to select whether you are MALE or FEMALE!

  11. Dave Wistrand says:

    Here is the big question – are you ready? – What is the gender neutral term for the liquid that impregnates wopersons?

  12. Dave Wistrand says:

    Ooops sorry cannot have wopersons because that has male connotations “sons” so change that to wopeople – phew think I am on the right track

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