Communicator Recognised

Some great news!

Today at DEFCOMMSTA Devonport the CO PHILOMEL had the pleasure of awarding a Sailor of the Quarter Commanding Officers Commendation to ACWS Paulette Doctor (Doc).

A short while back Doc was nominated, selected (by her own peers) and awarded (out of three very worthy candidates) the Communicator of the Quarter. Unbeknown to her, DCSD management subsequently nominated her for the Sailor of the Quarter award. We were pleased to recently find out that the selection panel had decided that she was the most worthy candidate of this award for this quarter. This was kept quiet from her until today when the CO visited DEFCOMMSTA with her husband (PO Damian Olson), their son and Docs sister in tow to present the award to a very surprised Doc in front of DCSD staff.

Congratulations once again to Doc, a great example of what can be achieved by individuals within the Communications trade.

I also know that there many other examples of hard work and professionalism throughout the trade going on each day and for that – thank you . We all appreciate your efforts and I hope to see more names within the CWS trade being recognised in some way in the future.

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