Two Buntings Catch-up

Two buntings from the past catch up in Devonport.   One is a lot older than the other and has more hair!  For those of you who cannot place these two the answer is Bobby Ratu on the left and Minnie Pickett on the right.


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7 Responses to Two Buntings Catch-up

  1. Dave Wistrand says:

    Not buntings look like ex Flower Pot men (Bill and Ben)

  2. Alan (Tug)wilson says:

    Ok Frank I give up, the old brain cells aren’t what they used to be, who are they??

  3. Alan (Tug)wilson says:

    Not in a million years, Father Time is not so kind to some!!!!!

  4. Alan (Tug)wilson says:

    Just remembered Minnie was my first instructor at North Head after Tamaki in 1961 just the two of us in the class Brian Gurden and myself. Would be interested to know if he remembers??

  5. Bill Bartlett says:

    Yeah! Bobby Ratu – resides here in “Sulphur City” (Ngongotaha) Drives Tour Coach – not sure wot Company. Minnie Pickett still in Domain Street, Devonport. Gawd bless iz soul. He was the Sig of my watch on Bellona ’55 trip back to the UK. He’s also a great mate of John Morey – another bunting of old.

  6. Peter Robb says:

    jees Bill Bartlett – you are still here on planet Earth? trying to remember the last time I saw you??? I go to Vegas quite a bit so it would be good to catch up and with Bob…hope you both are well?

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