AGM Agenda and Remit

Attached is the AGM Agenda, 2014/15 Minutes and a Remit to change the constitution which is going forward to this years AGM.  Apologies and comment on the remit may be forwarded by way of leaving a comment to this post.  A representative from Veterans Affairs will also be present at the meeting.  We hope to see as many of you as possible at the AGM including any of our younger serving communicators.

AGENDA and 2014 Minutes

Remit for change of RNZN Communicators Assn Constituion – Delete Para 3.5 in toto

3.5       Honorary Members – Honorary membership is awarded to personnel who are currently serving in, or who have served as a member of the Communications Branch of the RNZN and who continue to serve in the RNZN.  Honorary members shall not be liable for any membership fee and their membership shall terminate on their retirement or honourable discharge from the RNZN.


The current constitution allows for serving members of the Communications Branch to become honorary members and pay no fees.  The honorary membership terminates on being discharged from the RNZN.

It is considered that this membership has not rendered any results or interest from Serving Communicators to become members of the association.  It is also apparent that no honorary members from the serving community attend functions or contribute to the aims of the association.  Since 1993 there have been six serving members who have joined the association but this has been as full members and thus have paid their one-off lifetime sub of $25.00.

The fee of $25.00 for life-time full membership is considered to be set so low that it is not a bar for serving communicators who may wish to join the association.


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  1. Tony Locke says:

    MRU. Please accept apologies

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