White Ensigns – Whatever

Here are some possible White Ensign alternatives if one of the four current flags is chosen next year.


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2 Responses to White Ensigns – Whatever

  1. Michael Commons Ex Signalman NZ14918 says:

    What a complete load of shit. Why oh why? There is nothing wrong with our real flag that has been with us through two world wars, plus other disasters. There is no need change just for changes sake. The money involved is this campaign could be better spent on health or law or education. Still the world is going mad, so why not NZ too?

  2. Geoff Brindle says:

    If NZ sadly tosses out the present flag, then there really is no reason to consider a new white ensign based on any of the new designs. Consider this; the “White” Ensign, whether todays RNZN version or the pre 1960’s version is British by history. As NZ appears hell bent on divorcing herself from that history then you must throw away all notions of what came before.
    Even the name. It is not indigenous to NZ
    What next ? Lemon Squeezers and sailors caps?

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