2 Drops of Skin

Here is an image of two very young communicators doing the town.  Can you name them?

Clue- image taken in 1953

Answer – Yes two very handsome signalmen 26th Sig Boys Brindle and Newman doing the town in 1953


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8 Responses to 2 Drops of Skin

  1. Owen Stuart says:

    Could the one on the left be Geoff Brindle?

  2. DJR says:

    Pretty salty collars and cap tally bows to have recently signed the dotted line…

  3. Owen Stuart says:

    Very interested to see if my answer is correct, have not seen the person on the left, if it is who I think it is, for over 55 years. Hopefully my answer is not to controversial and will get moderated some time soon.

  4. Casper says:

    Another boring post from me, but did you know that Janola Bleach has been around in NZ since 1948? Bet you didn’t! Formula imported to NZ by a yank ex svcman who married a Kiwi girl during the war. Name is derived from wife’s and sister-in-law’s names, Jan and Nola. Was obviously well known to these two drops of scrim..sorry…skin, by the look of their collars. By their bows could they be signalmen?-They were always good at needlework, knitting and tying hair ribbons.
    Love, light and peace

  5. Jim B. says:

    Casper..This type of Chlorine based Bleach has been around as far back as the mid 1930’s
    that I can remember under then trade name PARAZONE, not just as a bleach but also as a
    very powerful disinfectant… Much more fierce than “pussers hard”.

  6. Casper says:

    Thank you Jim. So can we safely say that prior to 1948 those with “salty”collars were known as “Parazone Jacks” and those like me after 1948 were “Janola Jacks”? I guess that you, (had you ever been guilty of such an unacceptable practice), would have been a “Parajanolazone Jack”.
    Stay safe, and be careful of Wellingtonians!

  7. Frank Lewis says:

    Most of us did not have to make “salty” collars we just did the time and they automatically became salty’

  8. frank (mac) elliott says:

    well well i forgot how great we look ed in no ones . those two and i are the only ones alive from 26th boy comms . hey frank i sent you a photo of Brian Crengle and myself aged 18 at your request , perhaps i missed it regards and up spirits . Frank Elliott .

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