To Change or Not!

CaptureAnother perspective from David Round who is a sixth generation South Islander who teaches law at the University of Canterbury. He is the author of Truth or Treaty? Commonsense Questions about the Treaty of Waitangi (Canterbury University Press, 1998) and a contributor to Twisting the Treaty, A Tribal Grab for Wealth and Power (Tross Publishing, 2013). He is currently the chair of the Independent Constitutional Review Panel.  His view on changing the flag can be read HERE

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9 Responses to To Change or Not!

  1. Owen Stuart says:

    “~ someone, perhaps, who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing”

    A very good article, summed up with a very good description of our current crop of politicians

  2. Dave Wistrand says:

    Personally we can all have an opinion and express it as we wish but I do have a problem with RSA’s expressing an opinion (I am a President of a RSA Branch) Military or quasi military should stay out of democratic processes and support whatever decisions a legally elected government makes. Sure RSA’s can lobby on behalf of members for welfare and related issues but getting involved in such issues as flag changes is not one of the things it should be involved with – In other words keep the military related organisations out of democratic processes.

  3. Owen Stuart says:

    If we are talking about Democratic process, then surely before such an important event as changing the countries flag it should have been mentioned in the election manifesto of the political party who would wish to do such a thing? As has been mentioned many times by many people the obvious democratic way to proceed with this move would have been to have a referendum, obviously at the next election time, and this procedure would have also saved some 26 million dollars that could well have been spent on some project of more value to more people.

  4. Gary Kingdon says:

    Hear, hear. Well said, Owen. Its not in the National Party’s manifesto from last election that I can find. Making a pre-election statement would have at least been more honest. But honesty is not a virtue that many of our politicians have been blessed with – or seem interested in.

  5. Bill Bartlett says:

    seems like a load of waffle to me
    Kia Ora

  6. Dave Wistrand says:

    Democracy versus tribalism

  7. albert cross says:

    I reckon that if they have got $26 million to blow on changing a bit of bunting then if there is any change left they should think about the Midwives first. !!!.

  8. Peter Broom says:

    We all went to defend our country under the present flag

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