General Question 025

Q25. Name of ship and country – Clue: Fish and chips anyone?

Answer – Icelandic Coastguard Ship ICGV Thor – flagship of Icelandic Coast Guard


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4 Responses to General Question 025

  1. Butts says:

    ICGV Þór

  2. PB says:

    The ICGV Þór (Thor) is an UT 512L type offshore patrol vessel designed by Rolls Royce for the Icelandic Coast Guard

  3. DJR says:

    ICGV THOR Ship – Iceland Coast Guard
    Iceland Coast Guard UT512L Vessel. Built in Chile, the ship was delivered to the Icelandic Coast Guard on Sep 23, 2011.

  4. DJR says:

    June 13 2015. The Russian Sail Training Ship Kruzenshtern was maneuvering to depart the old harbor in Reykjavík, Iceland, yesterday, when she rammed two of the largest Icelandic Coast Guard vessels, Týr and Thor. Both ships suffered damage, although well above the waterline. There are no reports on damage to the Kruzenshtern.

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