HMNZS Blackpool

Here is an image of the initial crew of HMNZS Blackpool.  Thanks Frank L for the image.


Rear Row – John Titmus, Eddie Tottman, Dan Warrington, Bob Ratu, Ken Beattie,
Middle Row – Gordon Kyne, Lee Hallmond, Wally Walsh, Frank Lewis, Alan Wakerley Gene Autridge, John Cupples, Greg Knaggs
Front Row – Jeff Still, Bugs Hewson, LTCDR Nev Winn, Bob Hill, Nick Carter, Dave Crick.

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8 Responses to HMNZS Blackpool

  1. Jim D says:

    Rear rank – John Titmus, Eddie Tottman, Dan Warrington, Bob Ratu,?
    Centre rank – Gordon Kyne, ?, ?, Frank Lewis, ? Gene Autridge, John Cupples,
    Bottom rank – Jeff Still, Bugs Hewson, ?, Bob Hill, Nick Carter, Dave Crick

  2. John Bullock says:

    2nd Front Bugs Hewson 4th Front Row Bob Hill
    5th Middle Row ? Wakeley ??

  3. JT says:

    Missing ones are Ken Beatie, Lee Hallmond, Wally Walsh, Wacker Wakerley and our divisional officer was Nev Winn

  4. DJR says:

    Frank Lewis Wacker Wakerly Gene Autridge

  5. Frank Lewis says:

    Greg Knaggs middle row far right – a great crew on a great ship.

  6. Mike Harrington says:

    What years was HMNZS Blackpool in service with RNZN and what year was the photo taken?

    • Gene Autridge says:

      Photo taken I think early 67, we picked up Blackpool from Chatham in May 66 and it was returned in june 71 as far as I can remember.

  7. Frank Saunders says:

    To Frank L and the comms crew, it was good to see you guys in the middle of the oggy’ on your way back to NZ, but your XO wasn’t impressed when we pulled alongside and wiped the wind scoops off your scuttles.’ Guess who that was????

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